TC Promotion GmbH

Angelo Saccoccia

Angelo Saccoccia

TC Promotion GmbH is providing consultancy services to spin-offs and other companies in the health care and public safety industries.

From 2015 till 2021 he was CEO at Swissphone Group. Prior he worked as sales manager and promotion manager at Sony (Switzerland), at Swissphone Telecom AG for 15 years, serving as its CMO and member of the Executive Board. Angelo has eight years experience in consumer electronics, five years’ in health care industries and more than 20 years experience in the public safety industry. He has realised projects in Europe, the Middle East and North America and has an MBA from The Open University Business School.

TC PRomotion GmbH helps innovators to close the implementation gap, offering services from Strategic formulation to Businessplan Implementation. We design MARKET ENTRY STRATEGY and provide business counselling services for manufacturers and developers of Hardware and Software equipment, Online Services, IT Provision and Electronic Products. We support and help organisations to better understand Industry Structure, Channels Management by optimising performance, grow value, and gain a competitive position in the marketplace.


The members of the CMA Association encompass Operators, Manufacturers, Distributors, Consultants and End-users. They meet to discuss market and technology trends in the wireless messaging technology market.

The Association deals with proven Digital Communication and Alerting Network mainly based on the open POCSAG & (Flex) protocol, the predominant global standard for digital paging.

CMA members have developed unique network architecture and end devices which meet all relevant requirements for alerting. Not only designed for a variety of end users and applications e.g. Public Safety (from regional up to nation-wide alerting networks):

Fire fighters, Police, Rescue Services and Health Care, but also, for industrial segments (on-site paging) such as large production sites (food, automobile), airports, oil platforms.

Hybrid approaches: Hybrid solutions (LTE for mission critical and IoT Technologies used in combination with POCSAG & Flex) have various advantages, enjoying new opportunities but also facing challenges. The CMA Members have launched several POCSAG / LTE IoT devices and we are evaluating POCSAG / LTE acceptance in several European countries.

This shows how well-tried technologies such as POCSAG can co-exist and be updated with the continuous integration of the new. In the future, we will make alerting even faster, more efficient and less dependent on end devices. Innovation is the key here. Join the CMA!