Mission & Purpose

1. The CMA is a cooperation for furthering common interests of its Members.

2. Mission Statement – from existing “Purpose” as written in By-Laws and approved in CMA-Milan

a. The Association shall support the Critical Messaging Industry by:

i. increasing the public awareness of critical messaging

ii. working for the common interests of the critical messaging industry

iii. creating a forum for cooperation amongst the Members

iv. defending the regulatory interests of critical messaging

v. Contributing to the work of the appropriate standards bodies.

3. Member types – proposed

a. Members who provide services

b. Members who provide products

c. Members that are end users

d. Non-members from a, b and c.

4. CMA Value Benefit to Members

a. Facilitates direct and indirect business networking opportunities with peers.

b. Provides problem solving and advice relative to paging from knowledgeable Members having vast experience.

c. Share understanding of market conditions and opportunities.

d. Provides representation of membership for regulatory matters.

5. Develop or align with other messaging technologies that are synergistic with paging

a. IoT – for ACK back channel

b. LTE – RCS for text messaging

c. LoRA – short messages and ACK back channel

d. LTE – RCS messaging protocol

e. 5G – millimeter wave for ACK and back channel

6. CMA cooperation with other associations – Combine meetings with workshops, demonstrations, new product introductions



c. PMR Expo

d. Comms-Connect