History of CMA

  • 1994

    Founded by a group of seven paging services and equipment companies under the name European Public Paging Association (EPPA), the European Mobile Messaging Association (EMMA) has grown steadily. EMMA’s main objective was to “provide a forum for companies involved in the paging business, anywhere in the world, to discuss with their peers the issues that affect them” and in this regard EMMA has been constantly striving to bring together the key players in the world of paging.

  • 2002

    Several Ex-Members of PCIA founded American Association of Paging Carriers (AAPC). The paging group in PCIA dissolved after 2001


  • 2005

    EMMA joined forces with the British Wireless Messaging Association (WMA) at a biannual congress in Helsinki to form a dynamic and international association.

  • 2006

    The new association startet their work under the name of Critical Messaging Association Europe (CMA-E)


  • 2010

    AAPC renamed to Cititical Messagiung Association America (CMA America)

  • 2012

    Agreement for Cooperation with the American Association of Paging Carriers (AAPC), now named Critical Messaging Association Americas (CMA-Americas), at Stockholm conference: CMA-E and CMA-Americas had now forged strong ties and were working together to create a global environment in which it was easier for members of both associations to operate and innovate.


  • 2019

    CMA-E and CMA-Americas merged to Critical Messaging Association (CMA).

  • 2021

    At the moment vendors, operators, consulting companies from countries in 3 continents


History of CMA