TPL Systèmes

David Villacastin

David Villacastin

TPL Systèmes info :

Specialising in professional radio-communication since it began in 1989, TPL Systèmes has developed solid experience and expertise not only in France but also in several countries abroad.
Today TPL Systèmes has built a large partnership network around the world where partners distribute our product range in more than 30 countries in all continents.
TPL Systèmes is located on two sites: in Sarlat which is where TPL Systèmes began and in Toulouse where the R&D department of the company is located. These 2 sites add up to a 5100 m², with a workforce totalling more than 70 people. TPL Systèmes have agencies in Germany, Denmark, Burkina Faso and Australia.
TPL Systèmes is not only a manufacturer of professional digital radiocommunications (eDMR) but also a manufacturer of critical messaging solutions and a pager product range.
Regarding pagers, TPL Systèmes have the most innovative range, coupling standard and secure alerting technologies with other commercials technologies (4G Lte, IoT, Bluetooth, etc…), that provides redundancy and bring new services to users.


David has been the Managing Director of TPL Systèmes in France since 2010 and prior to that his position was Product Manager for 10 years for TPL and other radio communications companies.
He earned his degree in radio frequency and radio communication from Toulouse University.
Thanks to his technical background, he has oriented TPL to constantly develop new products through innovation in order to access new markets.
David also led TPL to international business.