Prism-IPX Systems

Jim Nelson

Jim Nelson

Jim Nelson, Prism-IPX Systems LLC Chairman, President and CEO, founded Prism companies in 1997. The company leads the industry in the development and design of critical messaging communications systems. With over 50 years in paging as a system developer and a commercial paging system operator, Jim has held senior management positions in well-known industry-leading companies specialized in paging and related technologies.

Appointed to the Board of Directors of AAPC (now CMA-A) and EMMA (now CMA-E) in 2008, Jim was also elected as Vice-Chair of the Paging Technical Committee in the same year. Jim served two terms as President of CMA America and is a member of the Board Directors of CMA-Europe. Having achieved CMA goals for global recognition, Jim led the consolidation of CMA-America and CMA-Europe forming the current CMA global association.

By an international unanimous vote, Jim was awarded the 2011 AAPC & EMMA Industry Recognition Award. This is a personal award that recognizes Jim for his years of dedicated service, innovation, tireless support, and significant contributions which have advanced the paging industry.


The Prism companies have been active in CMA and its predecessor organizations, since the beginning. We recognize the value and benefits a well-managed Association can provide to it members, members’ customers and the industry itself.

Through CMA we enjoy business and personal interaction with other business leaders at the frequent Summits and video conferences where we openly discuss market opportunities and challenges with partners, competitors and customers. Guest speakers are invited to share their ideas and experiences.

We also discuss successes and disappointments when facing competitive technology or even regulatory issues. With CMA’s guidance and encouragement, members are able to re-formulate strategies, develop new products and services and compete for new business by partnering with other members.

In CMA, anyone can become a Member of the Board of Directors, lead a Committee, participate on sub-committees and enjoy the open forum for discussions. Socializing with other members during meals, trips to local sites of interest, and informal gatherings leads to great friendships and improved working relationships.

Prism-IPX Systems is pleased to be a CMA Member and encourages others to inquire about becoming a Member.