Dietmar Gollnick

Dr. Dietmar Gollnick Chairman CMA-Europe

Dr. Dietmar Gollnick

Personal data: Born in Berlin. Living in Berlin. Married.

School: Graduation in 1972. (Special math school)

University studies

1972 – 1977 Studies mathematics with a specialization in Stochastics at Donesk State University

1986 finished Doctorate on quantitative assessment of standardized computer networks, University of Applied Sciences, Energy Institute, Moscow. PhD.

Professional activities

1977 – 1990 At first programmer, systems analyst, then executive in a large Berlin system and software company

1990 Entry into the newly created group of companies Daimler Benz (debis) System House. Managing Director of Berlin Daimler/HP venture.

1993 – 1998 Managing Director and (from 1996) co-partner of the German market leader in the operation of Trunked Radio Regiokom Germany (professional mobile radio). Sale to Franco-Canadian worldwide mobile invester (1998)

End 1999 Foundation of the e*Message Wireless Information Services GmbH based in Berlin. Specialized company for special mobile radio. Acquisition of the corresponding business units from Deutsche Telekom MobilNet and France Telecom Mobile. Establishment of independent nationwide networks. Development into a multichannel provider (Transport as s Servide = TaaS)
Group chairman. Co-partner. Till 2020 German CEO.
President French subsidary.

Since the mid-1990s Various board functions in associations of special mobile radio.

Since 2005 Participation in various working groups of ETSI (European Standardization for Telecommunications and Information Processing) and CEPT (Association of Regulators for
Telecommunications in Europe). Lead at NP2M Since 2017 Board of Directors ZOES (Zukunftsforum Öffentliche Sicherheit)

Since 2019 President of CMA (Critical Messaging Association)

e*Message operates nationwide mobile networks in France and Germany. We develop and sell services that include diverse mobile and non-mobile communication channels. We are providers of critical communication solutions for the areas of alarming, warning, control, content distribution and dispatching. Our users come from the areas of energy and new energy, public safety, logistics, public transport, content distribution, industry, health and many others. We operate data Transport as a Service (TaaS) solutions, providing our customers with communication services whatever the place, whatever the circumstances.

There is no other mobile operator that serves our two countries at the same time. We build on partnerships with a variety of manufacturers. Both in hardware and in software. We complement our services with other mobile services. We embed hardware and services into our global solutions, providing our customers with a ready to use service and everything for critical communications. This is needed in critical cases, in emergencies, for business continuity and excellent economical parameters. Often used for protecting against cellular network outages or blackouts as a first and second wireless countrywide infrastructure service.

That is why we are happy to be able to further develop our services for our thousands of customers in exchange with colleagues from this specialised branch of mobile communications. We are happy to bring our experience and results in paging (e.g. POCSAG), narrowband point to multipoint (NP2M by ETSI and CEPT) and multichannel (including cellular, LTE, IoT, 5G) solutions to the CMA Association which provides a win-win situation.

Vincent Delpont, MD e*Message WIS France and Carsten Hofmann, GF e*Message WIS Deutschland


The challenges in our faster developing society around the world are becoming more and more complex. In addition and partly because of this, critical situations arise. Situations in which secure communication is particularly important. It’s not a question of fashion. It is a question of the fact that the message, the alarm, the warning arrives even in problematic environments. Whenever possible. To rely on just one mobile technology that is convenient for everyone would be insane. Our members are happy to be able to offer secure mobile communications in many or all corners of our beautiful planet. As a primary or second infrastructure service. You do this with paging, with NP2M, with all available wireless technologies. The offers of the CMA association are indispensable and are constantly being developed. Therefore everyone who is close to these topics is also invited to contribute and contribute.