The Market

The Paging and NP2M and Hybrid Technologies, Devices and Services of Critical Messaging Industry, especially those of CMA Members, play a growing and important role in traditional and „New“ areas of their application for reliable mostly wireless communications.

You will find CMA Members Solutions in Areas like Healthcare, Public Safety, Industry, Logistics and much more. You will find their Solutions and Services in Remote Control (especially One – 2 – Many), in Warning and in Content Distribution into Millions of Households.

Terrorist Attacks 2015 and 2016. Blackouts in the following years even in such countries like Germany. Corona Crisis worldwide. All these sad events showed that sophistication and building public, health and organisational safety and security never ever can be a matter of only one “ALL IN ONE” technology or solution. Next years preparedness will play a larger role than last years after WWII. Role of technologies and solutions provided by CMA will grow. These even more because additional costs are very small compared to benefit.