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Digital Meeting


Digital Meeting


The Critical Messaging Association welcomes anyone involved in the critical messaging industry to join.

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20 Apr 2023



#CMASpring23 “Mission of Critical Messaging”

What do Users and Potential Users Need and Why?

The Corona years and the change in the security situation since February 2022 have once again made everyone, our users, the industry, the administration and us aware of this: Secure communication, also and especially in unforeseen situations, is a basic prerequisite for reliable action.

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Hourly Schedule

15.00 - 15:15
Departure Paris 2022: the success of the CMA conference CMAParis22 and what has happened since then. Assessment by the CMA Board.
15:15 - 16:30
Round table introduction: Starting with experts from „Notruf (engl. Emergency Call) Lower Austria“. Notruf founded in March 2003 as LEBIG (Control Center, - Development, -Operations-Corp.). Active in Health Care as Main Rescue Coordination Center.
Stefan Spielbichler (CCO) and Martin Theuerwecke will share key messages with us.
Martin Theuerweckl, Stefan Spielbichler
Experts from USA, Belgium, Germany, Australia also will speak about
Key Tasks of their Control Center Organisation
Key requirements for communication from a Mission Critical Control Centre like Perspective
Speakers will pass the floor to each other after about 15 minutes. They will be from the areas of local government, public safety, health, industry and energy networks.
16:30 (approx.) - 17:00
Major questions and answer session.
Prioritisation across three continents and at least five busniess and mission sectors.
To Dos
Poll: What do you want to hear about technologies on 15 June?
Getting the message out. Key messages.
What is - despite everything - still open or different?
Estimated End
Oh! Yes, you see right. It could also become a kind of workshop with very competent users of critical communication. You are invited. Your contribution is of great value for all other experts, too.
Martin Theuerweckl
Martin Theuerweckl
Project Head Mobile Comms. Notruf Niederösterreich GmbH. Control Center St. Pölten
Stefan Spielbichler
CCO Notruf Niederösterreich GmbH