Next CMA Summit Goes Digital – Follow #CMAweb20

The next CMA Summit will be conducted using internet based video and voice conferencing. It will be easy for users to join and will feature many meaningful topics for discussion.

The #CMAweb20 will take part on April 29, 2020 at 1PM CEST (UTC+2).

Registration is required. For that time to be used provisional address Reply will be as soon as possible.

As proven during this current COVID-19 crisis, products and services provided by our CMA members are vital and necessary to managing the efforts to overcome this global pandemic. Critical Messaging and among them paging is being used not only by medical personnel, but also by manufacturing and logistics for supplies, public safety for distance management and traffic control, first responders for providing medical aid and patient transportation and even by governments for military coordination and situational awareness to protect countries and its citizens.

As other methods of communication breakdown or are overwhelmed, many of CMA members and members’ services are able to continue to show how our technologies provide reliable and dependable services. If only more masks, ventilators and protective equipment had been stockpiled, and more intelligent communications solutions and services provided by our members had been employed, this crisis could be controlled quicker. It is up to CMA to be more vocal and visible, and be a more recognizable part of the solution.

First ever digital CMA Summit has following proposed agenda:

  1. Reports from the working groups
    1. Basic reasoning for CMA member services and products
    2. Social media in Critical Messaging: status and news
    3. Documents and white papers –
    4. A “CMA” label – “Critical Messaging Approved”, “CMA Supported” –
    5. Broader influence by more members
  2. New web site homepage – Begin
  3. New CMA YouTube channel – Begin
  4. More on public relations –
  5. Discussion points

There could be too little time for so many issues. Board is planning to continue these events.

The Critical Messaging Association (CMA) is the professional association for alternative wireless professional providers, vendors, consulting organisations, governmental organisations. In the centre of activities is reliable communication offering – by second infrastructure, by ETSI standardized NP2M, by paging services, by intelligent and multichannel services and devices.