e*Message Managing Director Dr. Dietmar Gollnick is the new President of the Critical Messaging Association (CMA)

Dr. Dietmar Gollnick Chairman CMA-Europe
  • Gollnick takes over from Derek Banner as president
  • e*Message has been an active member of the CMA for many years
  • Next CMA Summit in spring 2020

Berlin, 14th November 2019: The Managing Director of e*Message Wireless Information Services Deutschland GmbH, Dr. Dietmar Gollnick, was elected as the new President of the global Critical Messaging Association (CMA) at the start of November in Brussels. He follows in the footsteps of Derek Banner (UK), who held the post for many years and was no longer up for election. The result of the vote was unanimous.

The new president has clear visions with regard to the CMA’s future agenda: “We all want to have choice in our daily lives. That also goes for wireless communication. CMA is the organisation advocating for secure messaging in critical situations. No one should depend on just a single (SIM) card. Our members are making a major contribution to alternative mobile infrastructure on four continents”, says Dr Gollnick.
Born in Berlin, he has been the CEO of eMessage in Germany since 2000, President of eMessage in France since 2015 and has held various managerial roles within the CMA since 2000.

The services of CMA, in particular mobile communications, are very widely accepted, irreplaceable in many parts and now already well combined with standard ‘cellular’ services, such as LTE and 5G.
While the original focus was almost exclusively on paging, today there are many other applications. These supplement paging or expand it with NP2M (narrowband point-to-multipoint), as is the case at ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute / Antipolis, France).

For example, the services of CMA members are used to alert fire brigades in the Dordogne, Marseille and Paris, in all of Belgium, in Zurich, Berlin, Moscow, and in Australia. CMA members are guarantors for mobile alternative infrastructure, one that still works when nothing else does. CMA has a very strong affinity with Healthcare and Energy Companies in the UK, USA, France and Germany but not exclusively. More than 1,000 hospitals work with CMA members and hundreds of energy providers around the world.

The new presidential administration has already set itself a number of objectives: of particular importance is the fact that fire brigades, healthcare, energy, industry and other important groups of clients both across Europe and the world have access to the relevant frequency ranges. The efforts by the European CEPT and the national regulatory organisations are to be supported. The aim is always to ensure guaranteed reachability, especially in critical situations. Even when conventional mobile radio or electricity supplies fail.

For e*Message, it is a great acknowledgement that Dr. Dietmar Gollnick has been elected to the presidency by colleagues from three continents, who have expressed their tremendous confidence in him. With its solutions and services, e*Message delivers a reliable infrastructure in terms of communication security. With the eNergy product group, and specifically the “Strompager”, e*Message is helping to make the energy revolution possible and affordable. “This will be of particular interest in the exchange of best practices within the CMA”, says Gollnick. This is because e*Message is one of the companies that is constantly enriching the CMA organisation with new products and innovations. Such as satellite supported weather stations, which can be found in more than 3 million German and French homes these days and which are able to make their contribution towards warning the population in the event of an emergency.

The outgoing president passed on his title with good wishes: “It has been a great honour and a pleasure to be able to lead this unique organisation for so long and to be working with such incredible colleagues”, says Derek Banner. “Dietmar Gollnick is an especially innovative colleague whom I have known for many years.”

The popular annual CMA summits will be continued. Cooperations with other organisations are to be stepped up. Various working groups are being set up to draft policy documents and, where necessary, a proprietary seal of quality. The focus throughout will remain the economical security of critical communications, reachability even in crisis situations, and business continuity thanks to independent mobile infrastructures.

About e*Message:
The e*Message Wireless Information Services GmbH (e*Message Europe) operates Europe’s largest security radio network. As one of four mobile network operators on the German market, e*Message maintains a satellite-based radio network with around 800 transmitting stations throughout Germany which is independent from public networks. e*Message provides specialised messaging services focusing on security, mobile organisation solutions and integrated solutions. This allows individuals and groups (e.g. doctors, authorities, fire services, winter maintenance services, service personnel) to be notified, warned and alerted reliably, quickly and accurately via digital devices. Established in December 1999, e*Message took over both the Deutsche Telekom and France Télécom’s paging services in 2000 and has been developing them continuously. The corporate group’s operating centres are located in Berlin and Paris. (www.emessage.de)

About CMA:
The Critical Messaging Association (CMA) is the industry association for companies involved with the wireless transmission of time-critical, crucial messages in Europe, America and Australia. Its members include network operators, manufacturers and other companies who deliver reliable point-to-multipoint simulcast technology and integrated messaging solutions for critical and non-critical communication.

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