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A.S.T.R.I.D. SA/NV is the Belgian operator that provides the development, management and maintenance of a TETRA radio communications and paging network with integrated control rooms designed for emergency and security services.

ASTRID was founded in 1998 by the Belgian State after a series of incidents had made painfully clear the need for a common and reliable communications network for the police and emergency services.

ASTRID enables the police, the fire services, emergency medical services and many other public or private organizations (65,000 end users) involved in public safety to improve both internal and interdisciplinary communications. By establishing a reliable and transparent link between users, ASTRID aims to promote the smooth running of operations and the safety of users in the field and thus contribute to the safety and protection of the population as a whole.

Paging: The digital ASTRID paging enables users to send fast paging messages throughout Belgium. The Belgian fire brigades (which to a great extent rely on volunteers), the civil defence and various rescue services are among those who use the ASTRID paging to call up their personnel in the event of an incident.