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Prism-IPX Systems LLC

Prism-IPX Systems LLC is a CMA-A and CMA-E member and multi-national critical messaging Software and Hardware company based in Alpharetta, Ga., U.S.A. With offices now in the US, Australia and Europe Prism-IPX is leading the way.

Prism-IPX Systems is a market leader for innovative design and development of critical message management systems. Our modern communication systems are used extensively in private and commercial systems where messaging includes all forms of wireless and wired devices.

Prism-IPX specializes in messaging systems using highly reliable radio paging technology for on-site and wide area use. Using conventional telephony and IP based technologies (SIP) and other protocols for receiving and sending messages they are reliably sent to multiple destinations such as paging devices, smartphones, DECT and SIP phones, voicemail, and email. Also used for remote control of energy utility systems, LED displays and access control.

Our infrastructure is designed for single sites as well fully redundant and diversely located installations for the ultimate in reliability. With message input from telephony and data connections the Prism-IPX Message Gateway manages and controls from one to many thousands of transmitter sites using our IP based PIPX-Base Station Controller (ipBSC) for digital and analog paging.
Compatible with most old and new paging transmitters the ipBSC leads the way with the newest version of I-20 interface and can provide site status, alarm monitoring and Off-The-Air broadcast confirmation of paged messages all delivered back to the Prism-IPX control system.