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e*Message W. I. S. Deutschland GmbH

e*Message is the leader in the continental European paging market. Its subsidiaries in Germany and France operate nationwide networks with excellent coverage that deliver the highest reliability. The e*Message Group offers a full range of Alerting, Business Paging and Data Broadcast services, as well as a professional trunked radio network for voice and data transfer made available to industry companies, public agencies and service providers in the Berlin-Brandenburg region. e*Message contributes to international standardization institute ETSI and european regulation organization CEPT. Main issue at the time: narrowband Point-to-Multipoint (nP2M) technology and application.

Primary Product Lines

e*Cityruf / Alphapage*:
The professional paging service alerts, informs and dispatches individuals or groups fast and reliably in Germany respectively in France.

The professional, advanced alerting solution for firefighters, rescue services and civil defence organizations.

This warning solution opens up a new dimension in population warning because it enables pinpoint accuracy (street, house number) and provides at night the required wake-up effect that experts have repeatedly demanded.

“Headline“ for acitivities where broadly needed and used content has to be distributed to a lot – from hundreds up to millions – of receiving devices resp. persons. Because of low power consumption , price and other e*Message interface can be embedded in dual use devices. Currently are more than 2,5 million personal weather stations in use in Germany and France. Energy related applications are in preparation.

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