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Send a message to anyone, anywhere at any time. Indoors or outside, from pole to pole – we have it covered.

Whilst satellite based paging has been achieved in the past, the reception limitations, software deficiencies and hardware capabilities have severely constrained the feasible range of applications.

​The GDB Pager is a revolution in wireless communication technology. Together with the Iridium Burst® satellite service, the GDB Pager offers the first truly global roaming capability in a small, hand-held, personal message receiver. Whilst it offers the best in paging features, the GDB Pager does not operate like a typical pager. Most pagers receive messages transmitted from towers on the ground. The GDB Pager receives messages transmitted directly from a global network of satellites. With most satellite-based communication, such as satellite TV or the Global Positioning System (GPS), a satellite dish or hand-held unit must be positioned outside of buildings to receive information. However, with the GDB Pager, you can now receive messages inside buildings.

From tsunami warnings to weather and traffic alerts, over-the-air updates and other machine-to-machine (M2M) applications, the GDB Pager presents an unrivalled opportunity for businesses, government agencies, military and other entities to broadcast and receive data.

Extending the reach of Iridium Burst satellite transmissions.
GDB’s indoor signal booster, GDB Boost, extends the reach of Iridium Burst indoors, providing you with the same level of coverage you would have if you were outside!

Iridium Burst’s high-powered satellite transmissions are indeed very capable of penetrating buildings, partial obstructions and weather phenomenon to reach devices, however, this is sometimes completely and physically impossible e.g. the building or obstruction may be made of metal (satellite signals find it very difficult to penetrate metal) or a low elevation of the satellite overhead. GDB has defied the laws of physics (well, nearly) to allow you to receive satellite paging messages, no matter the construction of the building you are in, or how far away you are from the satellite. With a GDB Boost, critical messages can be received indoors, where even conventional paging messages might be missed.

​Extend VHF paging to any location on Earth.
Global Data Burst (GDB) has combined its expertise in satellite paging with its knowledge of conventional paging to produce a unique product that brings together the best features of both technologies. GDB Repeat allows standard VHF pagers to receive messages anywhere on earth!
​Our system accepts a conventional paging request, broadcasts it by satellite to one or more GDB Repeat units on the ground where it is re-transmitted as a conventional VHF paging message.
GDB Repeat is also ideally suited to setting up new networks and eliminates the need for any ground-based telecoms services. GDB Repeat can be installed easily and become operational quickly. If environmentally-friendly power sources are used (solar cells or wind turbine), there are no constraints on installation location.

Create and dispatch messages to any geographical area.
Sophisticated web-based and smartphone tools enable you to create and dispatch paging messages to any geographical area e.g. multiple small towns, remote areas including the world’s oceans and polar regions or an entire continent. ​The tooling dynamically calculates the message transmission costs based on the broadcast area and message size.
Our API provides a simple way to programmatically send messages to GDB devices from any programming language.

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