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Radio Activity

Radio Activity srl is a dynamic and flexible engineering company, located in Milano (Italy), specialized in the design and manufacturing of radio devices and applications since 2003.

Our engineering team, thanks to its strong experience and multidisciplinary skills, designs, develops and provides customized solutions for the Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) market.

Realizing a radio infrastructure is not a simple assembly of different equipment. It requires a specific know-how, a special care for all details, enough experience to avoid undesired problems, patience to match every single element and a proven method to assist the Partner in the system setup phase.

Radio Activity, in the design and the production of digital and analog radio devices, proves that deeply manage the communication technologies. Thousands of equipment already working in field in more than one hundred systems, provide us the ability to supply the best solution in a wide range of applications, spanning from a simple repeater to wide area communication networks.

Just to give you an overview of our solutions:

  • IP and RF linked networks: our KAIROS product is the perfect building block for assembling radio system infrastructures. It supports simulcast, dual mode operation analog and digital DMR, IP and RF narrowband connections, remote control and … much more.
  • SIP/Mobility: Solutions for extending the radio network to phone applications, for connecting different radio networks (e.g.: TETRA ó DMR), for handling the users’ mobility under multiple radio networks
  • TIER3 trunking systems: KAIROS supports a number of digital trunking solutions , from single site to multisite simulcast or multicast systems. An internal Linux-based Controller, some redundancy policies and the phone patching are just some of the available features
  • Tunnel/in building coverage extension: A special case of simulcast networks able to extend the coverage of an external network to a multisite tunnel realization, using the PTP1588 protocol
  • Alerting system: A special application of the simulcast network for POCSAG or Analog alerting purposes. The same network is able to manage DMR/Analog and Paging communications